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Episode 1: I'm Sorry Dave

by David Nutley | The AiDVERTISING Podcast - Series 1

Episode 1:
I’m Sorry Dave

In the first episode of the AiDVERTSING Podcast, I share my thoughts on Ai, and whether it will be a creative goldmine, or signpost the end of civilisation as we know it.

Episode 2:
Adobe, or not to be

The Photoshop Beta has dropped. But has Adobe dropped the ball too?

In the second episode of The AiDVERTISING Podcast, I discuss my initial thoughts on the new Photoshop Beta, that includes their new (Firefly) ‘Generative Fill’ Ai component.

Episode 3:
Content curator, not creator

In this episode of The AiDVERTISING Podcast, we discuss how Ai, and specifically Chat GBT and MidJourney, could be used to help create more social media, by starting to automate the process, thus relieving us of the grunt work normally associated with this type of content creation.

Episode 4:
Look Who’s Talking

In the fourth episode of the AiDVERTISING Podcast, I discuss the rise of the machines in terms of how AI is being used to create more and more realistic voices, and what it might mean for peoples jobs, and commerce in general.

Episode 5:
What is Art?

In the fifth episode of The AiDVERTISING Podcast, I discuss my thoughts on Art in general, and more specifically, are AI tools like MidJourney and Photoshop Firefly ‘cheating’,

Episode 6:
Return of the Beta

In the sixth episode of The AiDVERTISING Podcast, I circle the wagons and talk once again, and in more detail, about Adobe Firefly, having used it regularly in what has just become part of my workflow.

Episode 7:
Ideas my Dears

In the seventh episode of the AiDVERTISING Podcast, I discuss what is at the very heart of what I do in the creative process: The workflow I use in order to come up with an idea. 

Episode 8:
Money for nothing, pics for free

In this, Episode 8 of the AiDVERTISING Podcast, we discuss invoicing, and if you can still charge the same, given how much time AI can save you, and is therefore making your job ‘easier’.

Episode 9:
Coming Soon 

In the ninth epsiode of the AiDERTSING Podcast,