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THE PREMIER PAPER GROUP LAUNCHED AN UNCOATED PAPER STOCK CALLED DITO. Traditionally uncoated paper stocks were seen as difficult to print on compared to coated papers, and so where not used as often as they could have been. The tagline ‘Do anything with Dito’ was created to begin this marketing message. From there a variety of campaign where crated to drive home sales message. This time we suggested an all expenses trip to the Le Mans 24 hour race, which was liked. From here the task was simply to create a campaign based on this theme. 

A POP-UP PORSCHE 917 WAS DEVELOPED USING CARDBOARD ENGINEERING with an elastic band inside the product to make it pop. This was printed onto Dito Uncoated paper (to demonstrate the strength and versatility of the paper) and once the brochure was opened the car popped up. On the roof of the Porsche was the campaign URL directing people to the promotional website. 

ON THE SITE, TRANSLATED INTO A VARIETY OF LANGUAGES, was all the information for the promotion, including the Le Mans 24 hour game, where the fastest times appeared on a leaderboard. All the printed materials were of course on Dito Uncoated stock and also used text black overprinted for the variety of languages, This marketing template was used for various Dito promotions based on increased sales